Art Sample
scorpion rock art

Richard has been a BGAA member since 2019. He has served as a board member as a member at large. He is a lapidary artist and is very involved with various Clark County Art organizations. He was recently on the Inaugural Vancouver Arts and Music Festival Planning Committee as the Volunteer Coordinator for the “Arts" portion of the festival. Richard holds several board positions such has Executive Board Member with the Columbia Arts Network (CAN), Member at Large with the Society of Washington Artists, and was just elected Co Vice President with BGAA. 

He seems to be a one of kind artist in the art world with his lapidary art. His unique talent of turning rock into unique pieces such as insects, birds, bugs, flowers, etc. His artwork has won many awards and he is always looking to build the next show stopper! 

He loves to collaborate with other artists! He and Connie Ford (co Vice President of BGAA) have produced some “out of the box” pieces combining both their talents. Connie is a fiber artist and does amazing basketry. They together are like 2 elves producing, sharing, supporting each others ideas in producing some unique art.

He is always learning and thinking of how to collaborate with other BGAA artists as well. He says “ there is unlimited talent” with this Association and it’s members and he wants to be a part of its future. 

His website is

Board Position
Co-Vice President