Art Sample
wine label - watercolor

JoyLynn was born and raised in California and from her youngest years had a real love and talent for art. To foster this natural gift her mother would encourage her with new coloring books and crayons. When she got to high school her teachers thought she had such a good talent for art that she should take an art class. That is where she created her first oil painting which helped her develop her style; however, through the years, watercolor has become and remains her passion.

After graduation she worked in positions that allowed her the opportunity to do graphic design, paste-up and layout, and moulage in the nursing program at Mt. Hood Community College. She still draws from these experiences today. During her 46 years at Mt. Hood Community College, she spent 4 years as the classified association president working with management, the classified employee association on negotiations for the contract, managing relationships with the management association, faculty association and bargaining committees to ratify their contract. These experiences laid the groundwork for JoyLynn’s mission to get involved with other civic and community organizations within the art community when she began painting in 2015. She joined the Battle Ground Art Alliance in 2018 and served as the secretary.

Her paintings are bright, attractive, and familiar, like paintings of animals and familiar places. She likes getting ideas from other people for new drawings and paintings, greeting cards, various artist crafts and photography. Wanting to dispel the myth that watercolor painting is the most difficult medium, she rose to the
challenge with persistence in finishing paintings and finding ways to unlock her inspirations. That is what drives her to continue painting. She hopes that her artwork brings joy and pleasant memories to all.

Being known for her art is a dream.

Board Position