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Quilt texture fabric

Born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles in a family full of artist and movie makers.  Graduated from LATTC with a degree in fashion design.
I Worked at Daisy Kingdom for 12 years designing 3-D fabric craft projects, home dec and quilts, and wrote instructions.  Now I freelance and spend my free time creating multi-media art, working mostly in fabric and photography.

From a very early age I was attracted to fabric and anything that had texture.  I was fascinated by texture.  How it is created.  How it feels.  How it changes the surface.  How people react to it.  

Museums are torture!  I want to feel the smooth marble of the 1000 year old statue. Who touched it before me?  Is mastodon fur scratchy or soft?  Is that Macintosh chair comfortable?   How did they support the paniers on that dress from the 1700’s? Torture!

So everything I make has some sort of extra textural twist to it.  I can’t just take a picture.  I have to cut it up and weave it back together.  I can’t sew a simple pillow.  I have to add some piping and a few tucks.  I can’t leave the emu egg plain.  I have to carve through the surface to find its inner beauty.

At the end of the day art is communication and it gives me joy to express the multi-layered textures of life.

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