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Gourd art by Dianne Springer

Diane Springer is a Gourd Artist and considers her work a journey in progress. Working in the round on natural imperfect surfaces is a very unique challenge. After taking into consideration the shape and size of the gourd, she then visualizes what that gourd may become as an artistic expression.

Before the art happens, the gourds are dried and cleaned. The moldy outside is scrubbed off and the fibrous tissue from the inside has to be removed - a very tedious task. Gourds come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes and this influences the style of design she may choose. She may carve, cut, stain, paint, woodburn or use wax resist in her creation. She often tries to leave some of the original gourd showing so that as people study the designs on the gourd, they don't lose sight of the original organic form. Her goal is to keep learning new processes in her gourd art which keep opening new creative doors and challenging her.

Camas Gallery Camas, WA
Aurora Gallery Vancouver, WA
Broadway Gallery Longview, WA
Art-O-Maddic Gallery Canby, OR

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